• Our Products

      Our key product is Saman Enterprise Portal that is empowered by many extensible components and business applications as Development Add-ons and Business Add-ons. In addition to these ready-made software components, there are many custom business modules that have been developed based on customers' orders that are ready to implement with a few changes for new customers.
    • Saman Enterprise Portal

      Saman Portal is known as a comprehensive, user-friendly, secure, fast, stable, efficient, flexible yet expandable infrastructure software in Enterprise Portal market of Iran.

      Key components of Saman Portal

      • Content Management Modules
      • Communication Management Modules
      • Commercial Service Modules
      • Knowledge Management Modules
      • Authentication & Authorization Management
      • Security Management
      • Log & Audit Management
      • Configuration Management
      • Monitoring & Event Management
      • Cash & Performance Management
      • Theme Development Kit
      • Integration API
    • New generation
      of our products

    • Saman Suite

      Nowadays, Saman introduced a new generation of its product called Saman Suite. Saman suite is an Enterprise-Level Platform for Digital Transformation. This software is a complete software ecosystem for managing the content flow, collaborations, services, and relations at the contact point with the stakeholders. Saman Suite includes components like BPMS, CRM, Portal, Dashboard and other services.

    • Software Development Add-Ons

      One of the most important competitive advantages of Saman Portal is its extensibility. This feature is provided on the Saman Portal through three main components.

      Application Builder

      • Data Designer
      • UI Designer
      • Report Designer
      • Custom Procedure

      Process Builder

      • Process Flow Designer
      • Process Data Designer
      • Organization Chart
      • Work Box

      Integration Builder

      • Web Services Management
      • Data Synchronization (DB Sync)
      • LDAP\AD Connection
      • Single-Sign-On Adaptor
    • Business Modules Add-Ons

      Based on experience of doing many successful projects, now Saman Portal has a number of ready-made software Add-ons, tailored to various industries and businesses.

      Banking Services Add-on

      This add-on includes many widely used online banking services that run integrated with the backend banking systems in the context of portal.

      • Online account opening request
      • Online renewal of the bank cards
      • Online transaction correction request
      • Online account number conversion
      • Online account inquiry

      Insurance Services Add-on

      This product provides the e-services required for business interactions between the insurance company, its agents, its marketers and its customers.

      • Branches & agents profile
      • Insurance products profile
      • Online insurance consultancy
      • Online insurance quoting
      • Application for representative
      • Online request for compensation

      e-Government Services Add-on

      This package includes online services common between government agencies and facilities for developing their own dedicated services.

      • Organization’s Services profile
      • Online official letter registration
      • Complaints handling service
      • Appointment booking service
      • Announcement of tenders and auctions
      • Custom e-Services based on BPMS

      Municipality Services Add-on

      The focus of this product is on providing services that citizens receive from their municipalities and subsidiaries.

      • Online service request forms
      • Online calculation and payment of municipal fees
      • Emergency city service desk
      • Urban transportation guide
      • Virtual citizen club

      Corporate Services Add-on

      Companies have specific requirements regarding their customers, their business partners and their staff. This add-on provides these services through the company's corporate portal.

      • Job service (Ads & Application)
      • Products & services catalog
      • Online quoting
      • Online ordering
      • Online payment
      • e-Shopping

      Customer Club Add-on

      Customer Club provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to strengthen relationships with customers and to increase their loyalty to our brand and our products

      • Customer profile
      • Customer scoreboard
      • Awards and bonuses
      • Ticketing
      • Social network