• Saman Portal Products

      Our key product is Saman Enterprise Portal that is empowered by many extensible components and business applications as Development Add-ons and Business Add-ons. In addition to these ready-made software components, there are many custom business modules that have been developed based on customers' orders that are ready to implement with a few changes for new customers.
    • Saman Enterprise Portal

      Saman Portal is known as a comprehensive, user-friendly, secure, fast, stable, efficient, flexible yet expandable infrastructure software in Enterprise Portal market of Iran.

      Key components of Saman Portal

      • Content Management Modules
      • Communication Management Modules
      • Commercial Service Modules
      • Knowledge Management Modules
      • Authentication & Authorization Management
      • Security Management
      • Log & Audit Management
      • Configuration Management
      • Monitoring & Event Management
      • Cash & Performance Management
      • Theme Development Kit
      • Integration API
    • Next generation
      of our products

    • Saman Suite

      Nowadays, Saman introduced a new generation of its product called Saman Suite from 2015 to 2018 (and currently is under development) based on a SaaS model for the international market. Saman Suite is an online business management suite that includes components like BPMS, CRM, Portal, Dashboard and other services.

    • Portal Development Add-Ons

      One of the most important competitive advantages of Saman Portal is its extensibility. This feature is provided on the Saman Portal through three main components.

      Module Builder

      • Data Designer
      • UI Designer
      • Report Designer
      • Custom Procedure

      Process Builder

      • Process Flow Designer
      • Process Data Designer
      • Organization Chart
      • Work Box

      Integration Builder

      • Web Services Management
      • Data Synchronization (DB Sync)
      • LDAP\AD Connection
      • Single-Sign-On Adaptor
    • Portal Business Add-Ons

      Based on experience of doing many successful projects, now Saman Portal has a number of ready-made software Add-ons, tailored to various industries and businesses.

      Banking Services Add-on

      This add-on includes many widely used online banking services that run integrated with the backend banking systems in the context of portal.

      • Online account opening request
      • Online renewal of the bank cards
      • Online transaction correction request
      • Online account number conversion
      • Online account inquiry

      Insurance Services Add-on

      This product provides the e-services required for business interactions between the insurance company, its agents, its marketers and its customers.

      • Branches & agents profile
      • Insurance products profile
      • Online insurance consultancy
      • Online insurance quoting
      • Application for representative
      • Online request for compensation

      e-Government Services Add-on

      This package includes online services common between government agencies and facilities for developing their own dedicated services.

      • Organization’s Services profile
      • Online official letter registration
      • Complaints handling service
      • Appointment booking service
      • Announcement of tenders and auctions
      • Custom e-Services based on BPMS

      Municipality Services Add-on

      The focus of this product is on providing services that citizens receive from their municipalities and subsidiaries.

      • Online service request forms
      • Online calculation and payment of municipal fees
      • Emergency city service desk
      • Urban transportation guide
      • Virtual citizen club

      Corporate Services Add-on

      Companies have specific requirements regarding their customers, their business partners and their staff. This add-on provides these services through the company's corporate portal.

      • Job service (Ads & Application)
      • Products & services catalog
      • Online quoting
      • Online ordering
      • Online payment
      • e-Shopping

      Customer Club Add-on

      Customer Club provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to strengthen relationships with customers and to increase their loyalty to our brand and our products

      • Customer profile
      • Customer scoreboard
      • Awards and bonuses
      • Ticketing
      • Social network